Building Bridges

Years ago a friend of mine a successful trial lawyer won a settlement for a client in a case of police brutality.He told me'”Sal this was a rogue cop but I never forget that the overwhelming number of cops are heroes and put themselves on the line for me and my family every day.”It is easy to forget that every day cops face issues which at any moment can cause bodily harm or even death. Personally I have never had a bad experience with a member of the police. We should grieve for the loss of the two who were assassinated this week and honor those who serve as we do those in the military. We should also do all in our part to build better relationships between the police and the community and address systemic injustice where rogue cops do not reflect the best that most offer every day. There are marvelous examples of service by those that serve and those that use peaceful methods to provide the equal justice that our rule of law seeks. As one small voice I pledge to do whatever I can to promote the bridges of understanding that tear down the walls that lead to the pain that so many families are experiencing in this most special season.

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