Election day

I will vote today because some kids on a beach fought and died to give me that right.It is less than heartening that elections have become more about parties than country. One side will gloat while the other side will whine but the major challenges will go untouched because there is no unified vision. In this country with the wealth of our expertise and resources there is no challenge that cannot be successfully met. We can truly ensure that all of our citizens have the total and full rights that are guaranteed. There can be answers to expanding the middle class and making health care and quality education for all. The rebuilding of the grid and our infrastructure as well as tax reform and immigration reform are all doable. All of this requires real leadership and love of country above party. We are woefully in need of the spirit that occurred on December 8 1941 when it made no difference whether you were Republican,Democrat,Independent or other. The country was unified and selfish party gains seemed unpatriotic. We captured that for a brief period after 9/11 and we as citizens must force our elected officials to put country ahead of party.

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