Information about SJ Tagliareni Presentaions

Was ant-Judaism a foothold for Nazi ant- Semitism?

Why the world silence when everyone knew?

Where were the Churches and what is the current view of Pius Xll?

What was the lost encyclical? Would it have made a difference?

Why was Demark different for the Jews?

What if Pope Francis had been Pope during the Holocaust?

Can we honor both the Jewish and Christian covenants today?

I had the good fortune to study with Dr.Viktor Frankl in Austria and the United States. In his honor and all of the survivors I met through Viktor I have written two novels to commemorate all who died. I have presented to many Jewish Organizations, Colleges and Universities as well as participating in the Jewish Book tour.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak to your community.

Best wishes,

Salvatore J.Tagliareni

p.s. Ran into my first denier at a presentation in DC. In the question and answer section a person asked if I was aware that many people even Jews belief the Holocaust was contrived by the Jews. He quoted from a 1991 film by a Jew that questioned the validity of the Shoah.Aware of Cole’s film I took him through the data and focused primarily on my experiences not only with survivors but documents and policies from the current German Government. He tried to argue and I asked the audience to be polite to him but in the end he looked foolish. At one point he said”you are not objective because you are A Jew.” I responded in my soul “I am devoted to both Judaism and Christianity but in fact I am a Baptized Christian.”

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