In order to model the fact that in each of our networks lie vast resources that support our goals I will use my two goals as an example. To refresh what they are I will state them and then outline how the resources in my network of friends are vital to positive outcomes. First goal is to obtain 100 reviews on Amazon for each novel In order for this to happen the following behaviors on the part of my friends need to happen.
Purchase the books Hitler’s Priest and The Cross or the Swastika
Review the book on Amazon
place the covers on your Social media sites
Recommend that your friends send for three free chapters to The Cross or the Swastika.Refere people to

Second goal: To garner twenty five new speaking engagements
Request leads from the friends network. It an be a college, synagogue, church, community group, bookstore or book club. I will send any supporting material you need to assist in the process.
Your goals are vital and the fact that all of out networks intertwine is the Mother lode. If I can assist you in achieving your goals in any way give a shout out.

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