Artie T and his heroes

Just when you thought the days of David slaying Goliath would never appear again a group of courageous people showed us the power of commitment to an ideal. The employees of Market Basket against all odds have restored the CEO who built a culture that proved that treating people as valued employees in the long run is good for customers,workers and the community. At great personal risk, and certainly with only a minimal chance of success, the employees risked everything to support not only Artie T but a way of life that is rapidly vanishing. In all my years as a corporate consultant I have never seen such a marvelous case study. The powerful who treat employees as commodities and care little about culture and only their bottom lines could learn much from this event. I doubt that some will even glance at this outcome, and will snicker knowing that it has no effect on their style of leadership. However, for many of us this staggering outcome has relit the belief that the few collectively who have courage and the guts to go against the odds can still make significant changes in society.

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