“I want my country back”

The big mistake that we are making as American citizens is that we have fallen for the trap that our politicians have set for us. They benefit from our assuming the positions that allow them to actually do nothing that benefits the citizenry. They are pleased that we have become sponges for Fox News and MSNBC. If they can keep us putting labels on each other then they can continue to blame the other side and keep cashing checks from the lobbyists. The shame is that we continue to feel powerless and we shrug our shoulders and walk away. In our real lives we don’t always agree with each other but we normally don’t turn our backs and walk away. We may argue and be bent out of shape but we find solutions. Sometimes we win the argument and sometimes we compromise but ultimately we seek solutions. If we continue to play at their game we will gripe that the country is going in the wrong direction but nothing will change. The “I want my country back slogan” is merely that.a slogan until we stop shouting at each other and join forces to force all forms of our government to function again.

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