Silence is consent

Salvatore J. Tagliareni

2 seconds ago near Washington, DC


The Holocaust did not happen overnight but rather was a series of events began with merely words. The initial bigoted words were not new to the Jewish community but soon the words became acts of exclusion, and then the abolition of civil rights. This framework escalated into violence and ultimately there were over forty thousand places where Jews were abused, tortured and murdered. Despite these horrors. many if not most in Germany and other countries were silent. Neighbors looked the other way and because of fear, jealousy or hatred did nothing. Governments and even some of the most powerful religious voices in the world did little to protect the innocent. The Holocaust is not a standalone event in a particular period of time, and hatred and violence have not vanished from the face of the earth. We still are witnesses to ugly words about others, and in some cases exclusion and even violence. Do we merely shrug our shoulders and remain silent because if that is the case then when we let racism, sexism or any act of bias go without our confrontation we are part of the problem. The leaders of so many of the conflicts today are cloaked in self-righteous beliefs that justify indiscriminate use of guns, bombs and missiles. If we remain silent those who have no voice are without hope. In every conflict there is some truth on each side but there is a greater truth. All people regardless of race, creed or beliefs have the right to freedom and the lack of oppression. My voice and yours may be only words in the wilderness, but our humanity, our creeds and all that is worthwhile within us demand our witness. Today in whatever way you deem fit speak up and speak out against some form of hatred.

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