Leading up to mother’s Day

In less than a week we will celebrate a day to honor all those wonderful women who were our primary source of life and learning. It was at our Mother’s knee that many of life’s valuable lessons were learned. It is also important to remember all of those women who never bore physically a child, but yet were a source of physical and emotional support for all of us. They may never have been technically mothers, but so many gave of their time and love to aid us on the road to maturity.Their may be no national day for these women, but if like me there were role models whose love helped shape you please remember them and pause to honor their love and commitment to you. There are and have been so many of these women in my life and none more influential then my sister Tina.I will honor the wonderful mothers who have loved me and my children, but I will also raise a glass this week to the honorary mothers who deserve our notice and praise.

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