A Mother’s wisdom

I was always astounded by my mother’s consistent kindness to everyone, even some of her difficult relatives. So to improve my knowledge of human behavior I asked her what was the secret? She paused for a moment and inquired “do you remember any comment that really hurt you in your life”? I thought for a moment and a painful experience where someone in my school made a very derogatory remark about all Italians came into my consciousness. Sharing the remark with her she went on to have me tell her how hurt I was by the remark . I offered that it really was painful and stayed with me for quite awhile. “Remember that remark every time you are on the brink of saying or doing something unkind to anyone else. It might save you from the regret of having wounded another”. I cannot honestly say that my record is perfect, but it would be a whole lot worse without her loving wisdom.

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