The pursuit of happiness

We grow up with the inveterate belief that we are entitled to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are wonderful inalienable gifts, but the one that often confuses people is happiness. Sometimes it is equated with joyful feelings that are somewhat euphoric and  often does not seem to last very long.There are moments when it is so wonderful that we wish we could bottle it and drink from the cup at will. I prefer to think that there is a greater gift, and that is the gift of meaning. It is all around us, and can be a permanent experience. It can be found in dedicating our lives to others, caring for the sick, homeless and less fortunate. It is available in so many personal desires that it is truly unlimited. It can be discovered in learning, work and so many causes to better the world. We may not always feel happy, but every human life can find personal meaning that is resident and a constant.

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