Why make fun of Intellectuals

When did it become fashionable to make fun of intellectuals and the great pursuits of the mind? I watched a program today that demeaned learning, and thought most academic pursuits were a waste of time where eggheads wasted endless hours.  It is learning and the dedication of brilliant minds that have contributed vast amounts of positive accomplishments that have enhanced life. Salk changed the horrible disease of Polio by myriad attempts to find a vaccine. Technology has allowed people in the furthest corners of the world to leap frog poverty, hunger and a host of other challenges that have been without solution. Whether it be climate, economics,medicine or other academic disciplines there are  persons all over the globe who are attempting to raise the human experience to a different level. Their search for truth and solutions should be praised not diminished by sound bites that have no data to support their dismissal. Dialogue and diverse opinions are more than valid, but when they begin with disdain for intellect and science they are without merit.

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