Government Service

It is fashionable to demean government and to cast aspersions on those who choose to work in public service.The stereotype of persons who merely sit in stationary positions dreaming about retirement are bandied about in all sorts of places. However ,I have witnessed the dedication of people who give totally of themselves to make the lives of others better. Thursday I had the privilege of personally witnessing the brilliant closing in Superior court by my daughter Marisa in the pursuit of justice for a child and her family.Thirty five minutes of powerful, dynamic words which flowed from days of preparation held me and the jury spellbound. Coupled with this recent experience are the memories of Rob  Hess who gave years of dedication to solving the challenges of  the Homeless in Philadelphia and New York. The work of Marisa and Rob and the thousands of others who every day make the world better somehow should not be demeaned by many who have never made the commitment and sacrifices inherent in public service.

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