When we visit a museum and gaze at a superb painting created by a master we utter the words” one of a kind”. The painting is so unique that it is truly priceless. There is another one of a kind that we rarely attribute those words to,and are often very critical despite the fact that there is uniqueness in that work.The one of a kind I refer to is any human being.Through my life I have muttered and compared myself to a host of others.At times I was too short ,or not bright enough or a host of other qualities that I desired but judged not to possess. The reality is that I and every other person are one of a kind and in that sense priceless. No one before,now or ever will be exactly the same, and so with that in mind the endless comparisons are without merit. Being the best that I can be is the only worthwhile goal. I suggest that if you are plagued with these endless comparisons you remind yourself that as one of a kind you are priceless, and will be never be replicated again.

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