A step forward

Years ago Branch Rickey decided that it was time to integrate the great American game of Baseball.The opposition at every level was vocal and fierce. Owners rebelled.players stated they would not play with a man of color, and some fans shouted racial slurs whenever Jackie Robinson appeared on the field. Rickey refused to budge an inch and his decision was a step forward to civil rights for people of color. It was in essence more than that because it made all citizens look at the inequity of preventing any citizen from their rightful place in society. Rickey’s courage and foresight enabled all of us to come closer to the American ideal. Today another courageous decision is met by opposition from some of the officials in the NFL ,and their dire predictions of what will happen if a gay man participates are remnants of old prejudices that linger on . I applaud Michael Sam’s decision to openly state who he is, and welcome the opportunity for all Americans to take a step closer to the American ideals of freedom and full participation of all of her citizens.


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