What would I have done?

I have spent years studying the Holocaust, and several questions haunt me.What would I have done if I was a German citizen? Would I have had the courage to speak out, or would I have aided those being hunted by the Nazi’s? There is no way that I can answer these burning questions with certitude. However,I can answer currently what I am doing to aid and protect those that are being hurt by anyone perpetrated harm on innocent persons. Do I ,without getting up on a soap box, make it clear that I will not listen to speech that stereotypes any group. Do I spend time and money supporting non profits that attempt to end sexism, racism and bias against the gay and transgender communities? Have I volunteered to bring my skill set to schools or reach out to children that are being bullied? The answers to what I would have done years ago intrigue me but today there are actions I can take to assist and aid those harmed by hatred.

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