The Good Samaritan

Last night while being part of the team serving over two hundred homeless people for dinner the thought of the Good Samaritan parable suddenly struck me. As I placed vegetables on their trays I was struck by how many politely thanked us for what was probably the highlight of another difficult day. It is so easy to pass them on the street or shrug our shoulders by saying “it is sad but they are not my responsibility. “When you talk to them and understand that they are just people who often through no fault of their own are like the person in the Biblical parable. They are wounded physically and emotionally and are on the roadside or sleeping under a bridge. Many see them as “takers”and unworthy of our concern. Fortunately some like the good Samaritan see them as Rob Hess saw them. They are members of our communities that need us to stop and attend to them with care and attention.

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