The window is open again

In the 1960’s Pope John had the courage and wisdom to realize that the Roman church needed a renaissance. The window was opened so that the church could become more than a depository of rules. There was energy and inspiration and literally millions grasped the opportunity for significant change. However like most institutions the church became fearful and leadership assumed a fortress mentality. The princes of the church, by and large, retreated from the willingness to renew and drifted further and further from the Sermon on the mount. The church became a place where many no longer had hope that the real message of the “good news” could be heard.

The window is open again, and Pope Francis has not significantly altered the rules, but he has breathe life into the church, and even those who remain skeptical are taken by this true pastor. His message is simple and  what originally  turned so many souls on fire because he has made the message vital and real.

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