The new Pope

Years ago as a young seminarian I had envisioned that the Roman Church would reform itself and burst into the world with boundless energy.The Pope,John the 23rd had called a universal council and despite tremendous opposition opened the window and desired to let the fresh air allow the church to grow and flourish. This courageous intention was squashed by the  vested interests of those who followed his papacy and the pre council fortress mentality occupied the leadership again. The church largely became a depository of don’ts rather than a vibrant source of ministry and caring. Many of the brightest lights were diminished, and millions of those who hoped were left with only the dreams of the “good news.” But again despite the pressures of the status quo a new voice is being heard. Pope Francis has stormed upon the scene with a clear message that the church is not merely a depositary of rules. He has modeled love, caring and an openness that has been shelved since Pope John. It is too soon to determine whether the changes will be subsanative but he has already given hope to all who truly love the church.

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