Holy Ghost Prep

Years ago My son John received a wonderful education at Holy Ghost Prep. My wife was on the Board of Directors for years and I truly loved and respected the values and Vision that was the foundation of the school. This morning I am saddened by the school’s position on why they fired a teacher because he was about to marry his partner. The administration knew that the teacher was gay, and had been open about the fact that he and his partner had already experienced a civil union.As a Christian I respect others religious beliefs, but unlike Pope Francis the behavior on the part of Holy Ghost does nothing to further the beauty and value of their mission. This act may be in concert with the letter of the law ,but it in my opinion denigrates the beauty of the Beatitudes.I prefer to believe that the ancient observation of those who were edified by seeing how the Christians loved each other should still be the norm. This action is on the wrong side of history as well as antithetical to the real value of love and acceptance of others.As a straight man I value the love and commitment of my gay brothers and sisters who wish to pledge their commitment publicly to each other.

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