In 1938 the tide of Nazi barbarism turned its complete focus on the Jewish populations in German speaking areas.The laws penalizing Jews were only the beginning and on the pretext of spontaneous retaliation for the murder of a German official by a Polish Jewish teenager hell was unleashed on innocent victims. Thirty thousand were arrested and send to the camps at least two hundred and sixty seven synagogues were burned, ransacked and destroyed. At least ninety five were murdered and there were countless beatings and rapes.Every Jewsh business and home was a possible target, and the streets were lined with debris and broken glass. The German government which orchestrated this pogrom was the brain child of Joseph Goebbels in an attempt to regain favor with Hitler. The days Of November 9th and 10th were the escalation into the genocide which followed. It may have happened a long time ago, but the lessons learned from the passivity of the world who stood in silence should never be forgotten.

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