Petty bickering or legacy

After the recent debacle that shut the government down the Congress has a clear choice,continue the petty bickering or create a legacy. There are mammoth challenges that will make an enormous difference in the future of this country. Immigration reform, sane energy policies ,educational opportunities for all ,and the alleviation of poverty and hunger to name a few. No one will care about who wins the argument in the future but generations in the will revere the names of those who really governed for the good of the citizens. I would hope that those in our present Congress have seen the errors of their ways and will step up to the plate and begin to govern ,but I doubt it. Already the fingers are being pointed and the same old inane rationales are given without one iota of insight. I wish it were possible to vote everyone of them out and try to begin with the intention of what the founding fathers really wanted.

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