I love Capitalism but….

America and to some degree many Americans have thrived under Capitalism. The wealthy as in all systems built huge fortunes but the strongest middle class in history also enjoyed the fruits of this economic system.Personally as the child of an immigrant I had countless opportunities because the system was boundless in opportunities. I enthusiastically supported the is way of life that allowed workers to earn living wages and partake of the American dream. However, in many cases today I fear that we have moved from Capitalism to a system of greed which makes profit the sole purpose of the enterprise. The middle class jobs are evaporating and executive pay in many cases has moved from wealth to greed. Environmental concerns are dismissed in order to sustain enormous profit margins and lobbyists have almost total control of policy. The outcome that President Eisenhower so feared has become the reality in America and the system does not represent a way of life that was the envy of the world.



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