Could you live in minimum wage

I hear the pundits on cable TV predicting all of the horrors that will occur if we raise the minimum wage..One imitator of Solomon stated”that if they are unhappy with the job they should secure one that pays more.”The reality is that those higher paying jobs are disappearing and in my opinion it is impossible to get out of poverty if minimum wage is all a person can make week in and week out. My Father as an eleven year old worked in a sweat shop, but because the country had a plethora of well paying jobs, he eventually secured a better position and ultimately had a successful business with his brothers. Those working minimum wage are not living on the rest of us, and often they are the primary bread winner for a family. Can you imagine trying to raise a family on such a pithy salary. So much of the promise of America lies in the foothold of at least one family member. I have been blessed in this great land beyond description, and all I want is for those people who every day make my life easier to participate in the promise.Congress, get over the “we”-them” mentality and raise the minimum wage and pass a real jobs bill.

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