Carpe Diem

Years ago while visiting a dear fiend who had a terminal illness he asked the nurse to give us some privacy. I knew his days were numbered, and he wished to speak to me in private. Taking a deep breath he told me that he had learned many things through his illness and wished to share them with me in order that I might pass them on to others. The first one he shared was that painful experiences in life either break you or give you courage, and a sense that you can achieve more than you once imagined. The second was that life is extraordinary in so many ordinary ways that we miss the beauty of the known. The third gem was that his biggest regrets came from saying no instead of yes. Many fantastic opportunities were never brought to fruition because of the fact that there were always risks involved. He said “Sal have the courage to embrace life in its fullest.” Like the teachings of so many along the way I carry his words with me ,and have tried not only to share them, but also to live them.

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