Tragedy offers opportunity

The Trayvon Martin death is a tragedy that offers the nation the opportunity to make significant choices.One is to create further differences between races by choosing to believe that the differences in race and culture are beyond resolution. We can argue about “stand and defend” laws and a host of political and legal perspectives. An alternative is to realize that all mammoth issues in a society are resolved on a personal level by ordinary citizens. Reaching out to create contact with those of another culture or race will almost invariably create common ground for understanding and acceptance. Our humanity far outweighs the color of our skin or our primary language and culture. As humans we have far more in common at every level then the issues where we differ. In the past many chose to be motivated to becoming involved in creating a society that one day would be color blind. It is time to realize that we are not there yet, and each of us can positively move forward toward that goal. Many of our children and grandchildren are already there. It is time for us to join them,

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