Stable relationships

In the midst of all of the reactions to the decisions about the right of same sex couples to marry the issue often ignored is the value of stable family relationships. It seems to me that besides the legal issue, the one great benefit to society is the growth of stable family lives. There is a plethora of poorly constructed data that suggests that gay families are less likely to have strong family lives ,and that children raised in these families are ,more vulnerable than those raised by straight couples. All of these “so called studies” have been debunked and the data strongly indicates that there are no negative differences. So despite the different voices still to be heard in this issue, I think it behooves all on both sides of the issue to observe the relationships with an open mind. Society benefits from solid ,stable relationships, and we should do all in our power to promote loving, caring units regardless of sexual preference.

I am only one observer in this societal phenomenon but I have been blessed to witness wonderful families that have been nurtured and raised by gay parents.

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