Sage advice

One of my oldest friends has led a remarkable life and it always amazes me that despite his advanced age he never seems to lose his enthusiasm .Recently over a cup of coffee I inquired as to what makes him so upbeat about life.”Years ago I discovered something that makes each day worthwhile. I did not aspire to contribute some great achievement like writing the best American novel. Rather I needed some consistent pattern that would give direction and meaning. I decided that a half hour a day would be the way to go. Every day I dedicate fifteen minutes to myself and at least fifteen minutes to others. This time has in some small way given me an anchor. It may be reading or going for a walk or having my favorite dessert. That time gives me the pause within all of the other demands of life that makes me feel special. On the other hand life is more fulfilling when others never cease to be important. Those fifteen minutes spent outside myself have been the anchor of being connected to the world with an unselfish purpose”
Simple but sage advice that makes so much sense.

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