Retirement- The ultimate promotion

Retirement is in my humble opinion an outdated word as far as the original meaning of the word. What does the word mean in today’s world?, sitting around reading the paper or merely walking the dog waiting for the next meal. I believe it is the opportunity of a lifetime. Once a person ends a formal working relationship at a certain age if they have enough nickels to survive they have reached the point of opportunity. This is the ultimate promotion when there are new and often exciting opportunities to explore and commit to new ventures that before were not possible . Raise up the dreams and dust them off because that day that you always talked about is here. . This is not merely the opportunity to watch TV or review the Social Security benefits. Learn something new,volunteer,go to Venice and explore a host of other possibles that have been on your mind and in the wish list for years. Forget the “I am too old ” mantra that accompanies all of the dreams. This is your time.Carpe Diem.

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