Red and Blue States

We are constantly aware of the differences between red and blue States. Politically through the years there is a plethora of data that suggests we see the world differently based on our location in the states. There are often harsh words hurled back and forth from these diverse areas ,and at times it appears that there are no bridges over troubled waters. However, in the past two weeks those differences have been set aside by our compassion and concern for our fellow citizens. Massachusetts did not seem so foreign to Texans when Boston was in the throes of a terrorist nightmare. Houston, Dallas and every Texas community joined in their pledge of assistance and compassion. Bostonians reciprocated when a horrible series of explosions devastated the community of West,Texas.Those political and cultural differences that separate good people seemed trite, and the desire to help was resident in both red and blue states. Tragedy showed us that underneath the harsh rhetoric there is a commitment to all Americans, and hopefully we will retain some of this respect and concern whether our neighbors are in red or blue states.

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