Words have consequences

Most people grow up in the real world with some group being the object of a stereotype. I know in my own experience it was painful to experience the consistent “Mafia” image indiscriminately applied to all Italians. I know that this can also be applied to people of color, Jews and literally every racial and ethnic group. In the aftermath of the Boston marathon bombing I have noticed some inflammatory references towards Muslims in the Media ,and unfortunately in some overheard conversations in my area. What occurred was heinous but it is harmful and dangerous to take the actions of two terrorists and apply their behavior to the rest of the Muslim community. Muslims are like any other group and to question their patriotism by the standard of this incident is unfair, dangerous and counter to our belief system.Now is not the time to finger point and find villains. It is more than being politically correct, it is about being fully a place where we base behavior on rationality not raw emotion.

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