Let’s rename Congress

The government of the people, by the people and for the people was the reason the Congress existed. Since their behavior has completely abandoned those noble goals let’s rename this Government tragedy. I suggest that we call it the United States Hooker School. The purpose for its existence is to be “hookers ” for all the lobbies that cross their palms with money. Their pimps dole out the instructions and they like sheep carry out the dictates of those who pay for their favors. They also are adept at training the ongoing number of those who come to their offices and learn to be future “hookers” .The current members of congress should sit in the windows and flirt with all who have the cost of their services..It would be helpful if like famous world wide areas known for prostitution that the hookers wear appropriate garb that symbolizes their total lack of ethics.The entire Capitol building area should be renamed “the red light district of Government”.

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