Restore real Capitalism

For years we were the envy of the world and the American Dream was vibrant and the economy had rewards for so many. Unfortunately it is not capitalism that is the problem, it is the lack of sensible public policy that has pulled the rug out from under millions that have played by all the rules. These are not the fictional takers that make the smug feel like they are stealing their taxes. The new jobless and often homeless may be the people you know, or may be friends or neighbors. The growing number of poor are not there by choice. Many are educated, were homeowners, great citizens and now they are in a vortex which is a nightmare. It is time for those who have food, electricity and a roof over their heads to embrace them, and argue loud and long for policies that foster the return of an economy that benefits all. It is time to invest in education, public housing and the rebuilding of the real middle class.

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