The Spider web

A dear wonderful friend once pointed out to me that we are like spiders on a web. When the spider moves the entire web is affected. When we act our entire universe is changed. We become extraordinary by performing acts of kindness that change life for the better. Not one of us can significantly alter the gun culture in our land, but we can minimize violence by little daily acts of involvement and kindness. An example of this is for each of us to protect our children from bullies, and to make sure that our children do not bully others. I want every child to have the same loving experience my children had growing up. Active participation in assisting the schools to help identify kids that feel alienated and aloof may not be the entire answer, but it will help. The child that is in danger of becoming an angry loner may never commit an act of horror but the chance of them becoming a loving contributor to a better world is enhanced by a series of kind acts. Each of us has the power to bring extraordinary results with our ordinary concern and compassion.

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