Some hate their jobs

I have been most fortunate in that most of my life I have had occupations that I enjoyed most of the time. Talking with a friend recently I was made keenly aware that some persons actually hate their job or the circumstances of their employment. I will not address that reality with a bromide like “Do what you love the money will follow” but I will make a few suggestions to lighten the burden. Over the next week I will add some pithy strategies that might take some vinegar out of the status quo. The first of these before you quit the job without having another in place to land is to identify any positives of the current position. Does it provide you or others with more than the basics? Does it allow you to participate in any activities outside of work? Are there any educational opportunities within the structure? Do you have friends and associates that you enjoy at work? Are there opportunities to advance in another department or subsidiary? Are their any past accomplishments that are worthy of note.”? The point is much of your energy is being used in what’s bad about the situation and an alternate course of focus may start the way out of your dilemma.

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