Day 12 Specific Behavioral steps

It is not important that initially every step toward your goal be determined.You are at the point where you have told your brain that you have moved through wish and want to choose, This is important but without behavioral reinforcement you will probably slide back into just thinking about the goal. The next step is to today do something that actually starts to move you toward the goal. An example of this could be if your goal is to secure a better job then you identify what is the next step. It could be listing your skills or identifying your network or looking into what opportunities are available to you. If your goal is weight reduction then you might take a step toward preparing a two week menu or clearing your place of all the junk food. Whatever the goal or goals the magic will not take place without behavioral effort. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THE ENTIRE PROCESS FIGURED OUT BEFORE YOU ACT.Your brain will take cues from your behavior.

Work task:
Identify the next behavioral step you will take after each goal.It is critical to do something behavioral toward the goal each day.

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