Inherent goodness of others

When you pick up a newspaper or watch cable television it is quite easy to come to the conclusion that things are awful. Constantly bombarded with the sad and the violent stories one could come to the conclusion that we are headed off the cliff. There is no doubt that there are frightening occurences around the world which should merit more than our casual concern. However,it is well to look at the millions of people who every day strive to make the world a better place. The hospice nurse who eases the pain of a patient and supports the emotional needs of the caregivers. The parent who juggles hundreds of responsibilities and rarely has a free moment.The civil servant that repairs a road or helps an immigrant fill out necessary paper work. Millions of acts each second that enable others to lead lives of meaning. You cannot deny the trials and tribulations of the human experience but to focus on only that minimizes the wonder of the total scenario.There is evil and ugliness in the world but I see far more goodness,kindness amd commitment to others than the bleak gloom and doom versions.

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