The tragedy in Colorado raises again the issue of the
total lack of our political leadership regarding the ban on assault weapons,and a gun policy that is more in tune with the desires of the American people.My grandfather and father hunted when I was a child so I understand the valid view of gun ownership, but there is no need for these other weapons
to be sold in our country. This has NOTHING to do with the second amendment.It is a ludicrous rationale that these protect us against a tyrannical government.The reality is that political leaders of both parties are OWNED by the NRA.They will
utter pious words over this senseless tragedy but they will then return to their roles of paid whores of the lobbyists. The majority of the American people want more sanity
added to the sale of guns, but like in many other cases we have lost our power to the mighty and those that make the rules. Voting is still the hope ,and I urge you regardless of your political stripes to vote out the spineless politicians who continue to be worthless in their performance for the American people.

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