Feelings come and go

You don’t have to wait for your emotions to change before you alter a decision. In any given moment a burst of emotion can overwhelm us. Hurt,sadness,regret and a host of feelings come often without a strong rational set of reasons.There is a growing amount of research that suggests that much of our emotional impulses may be based in our genetic code.However, these do not absolutely determine the outcome of our lives.Behavior is not totally dependent on how we feel. We have the rational ability to act differently than our feelings, and to control not the emotions but the outcomes. We don’t have to be a slave to the way we feel ,and can rise above most situations with a healthy degree of rationality and behavior.Feeding into emotions can deepen all of the negativity that leads to self limitations.You don’t have to deny the way you feel, but you can find reasons to rise above being down in the dumps.

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