Reaching out

We all know friends or relatives who have been severely  effected by the economic downturn. Some have suffered significant financial losses in their businesses, and others have been downsized or have seen their future curtailed. The consequences of these realities weighs heavily on a person, and when the financial issues press down there is often a feeling of powerlessness followed by isolation and at times despair. We have all in our lives known times when the money or career worries sapped much of our energy, and i am sure there were moments of self doubt .It is in those moments when a word a gesture or an offer of assistance means so much. If you are one of the fortunate ones whose economic ship has not hit turbulent waters pause for a minute and think about someone you know who is having a rough time. A phone call,e mail or a visit can mean so much to that person because knowing that there is someone who cares makes an enormous difference. You don’t need a magic wand to provide all the answers to their quandary, but standing with them will provide energy and hope.

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