The Birthday Party

There are many indications that love exists between a parent and child but none is greater than a public birthday party.Today I attended the birthday party of a wonerful five year old girl and her nine dearest friends. It began at noon and the prior firteen minutes was spent receiving parents with toothy grins that knew that it was someone eles turn into the horror chamber of the two hour entertainment venture. The day began with games and assorted tasks that meant to engage the imagination of the children.Endless amounts of energy had already depleted the paents.It was stand tall, play games,open presents of the celebrant and yet it was only twelve twenty. Another one hour and forty minutes to go. Already” Saint Jude had beem invoked as the terrifying waves of “What will I do with them in that slowly moving pendulum of time. Another round of opening of presents,cake and ice cream and picture taking ,and still there was fifty minutes to go.  A clean up committee brought few smiles and so back to the games with children who had become listless and filled with cake and ice cream. The thought that more sugar might help could not be a decent strategy so their decision to revert to more  games was the only choice left. The shaking of the wrist watch across the ear did not work and the warm spring day did not allow a closing ten minute period.

Finally the wonderful sound of car doors hinted that  reprieve had come and the exhausted parents had been freed,at least for another year.One day when this sweet five year old becomes a sullen person that states “you never loved me” the tape of this party will be worth the pain.

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