Attitude Adjustment

We all know that every day there are issues that may be out of our control. Things happen in our personal lives that we could not envision, and certainly the level of stress fluctuates. A financial setback, an illness, the recession, unresolved family issues; all of these take a toll and often we feel powerless. None of these challenges should be minimized, but there is always at least one alternative. None of us has the magic wand that makes everything turn out well, but there is within us the question of how we choose to deal with any issue. Our attitude is the one area that we can adjust to meet the circumstances which cause us pain or discomfort. If we endlessly are mired in the sense of being powerless than the little control we could have remains dormant. There is always a way to adjust how we respond to the trials and tribulations of the human experience. Examine your speech, which is the foundation of attitude and the key to how we respond. It is not pie in the sky to realize that what we say and what we see is where we go. Change the speech, adjust the attitude, and all of the energy does not flow into the problem; it moves toward the challenge. My wonderful friend and mentor Viktor once said “I cannot control the circumstances but I can control how I relate to the circumstances.”

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