Ten Holocaust Facts Not Commonly Known

  1. Hitler initially planned to force all European Jews to leave Europe.
  2. The gas used at Auschwitz was initially used to kill rodents at the camp.
  3. Auschwitz was an abandoned Polish army camp and Libers in serious disrepair.
  4. Josef Goebbels initiated Kristallnacht without Hitler’s permission.
  5. Both Conservatives and Progressives in America opposed Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe.
  6. There were different types of camps: transit camps, prisoner of war camps, labor camps and extermination camps.
  7. Goebbels was in disfavor with Hitler before Kristallnacht.
  8. It is estimated that the Germans killed 11 million including Gypsies and Homosexuals.
  9. Maria Mandel in charge of the women imprisoned at Auschwitz was called “the Beast”.
  10. Over one million children died in the Holocaust.
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