I once asked Viktor Frankl how he could not hate the Germans for what they did to him and the Jews. Without hesitation, he looked at me with those incredible blue eyes and said” There is no way to understand or explain the horror, but if I hate them there is nothing worthwhile left. They took my family, my profession, my entire way of life, if I hate them what is the meaning of my life? Love of humanity is the foundation Salvatore and when we give that up for any reason we lose the depth of our humanity.”

I have struggled with those words through the years, and have stumbled on petty reasons to dislike and dismiss others, but his words haunt me. In forgiveness there is growth and meaning. Not only in forgiving others, but also forgiving ourselves. Every human life has choices that we would like to have back, but there are few do overs. However, there is the ever present opportunity to let go of some of the pain that we have caused to ourselves or others. I listen to the giant who ever whispers in my ear let it go Salvatore, forgive and grow in wisdom and love.

I know he is right, and even though it comes only inch by inch, I choose to forgive and hope that any harm I have done will be forgiven

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